BioHacks 2023

BioHacks 2023

Our goal is to bring people from AI and Bio together to solve problems in the life sciences.

There are so many cool advances in the field of machine learning and in the life sciences, but often these happen in isolation without enough cross-talk between them. Therefore, I and some others decided it would be great to provide a space for these people to meet like-minded people from other backgrounds. We also wanted to equip them with great tool and advice so that they could benefit from these events as much as possible.

This in the end took the form of the BioHack London in June 2023 which happened in-person as well as the BioxML Hackathon which happened online in May/June 2023.


Cheers to Ceara Harper and Pranay Shah for getting the BioHack London off the ground, and to Tess van Stekelenburg and the other BioxML hackathon organisers for putting this amazing event together!